Devils Elbow

Devils Elbow
Alt. Country Punk Rock n' Roll
Years active
Formed 2007

‘A new and smokin’ hot take on country’
– Scott Kara, NZ Herald

‘Hook-filled rock which owes a nod to Joe Strummer as much as Steve Earle’
– Graham Reid,

‘Running a unique line that crosses through country, punk and alternative rock influences’
– Steven Shaw,

‘Dusty outlaw country collides head-on with greasy Replacements-style roots rock’
– Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times

‘A kickass country meets punk album. Really impressive style and cool songs.’
– Rip It Up

‘Presenting solid rock ‘n’ roll with a hearty dose of hard-edged country rock’
– Kia Ora (Air NZ Inflight Magazine)

‘It’s like hearing the alcohol-soaked confessions of a road-weary old friend’
– Matt Barnes,

‘If one band in NZ could inspire me to dust off the guitar, then it could be DEVILS ELBOW’
– Steve,

‘Filthy garage rock never dies; it just crawls back to the bar and orders another bourbon’
– Tom Museth, Groove Guide