Invoke the Fury

Invoke the Fury
Years active
Less than a year

Invoke_Aug14Hailing from Napier, INVOKE THE FURY were formed in early 2013 and is made up of Phill Burton (Drums), Jon Farquharson (Bass / Vocals), Shane O’Dowd (Guitar / Lead Vocals) and Josh Graham (Lead Guitar / Vocals). Having played in bands in the region such as Saidaya, Gunt and Omega Dawn  all the members have been seasoned musicians an good mates for years.

A unique blend of all things metal, INVOKE THE FURY spell out with mad observations the things around us that frustrate and Invoke our Fury. These topics include politics, power trippers, entrapment etc. There’s many co-written tracks the band has to offer. “Plenty of groove orientated feels to keep the crowd cranking”.

INVOKE THE FURY performed their debut gig at The Cabana bar with a set of 10 original songs being played for the show. “We’d been rehearsing the set hard out and were really looking forward to see the crowd reaction. Napier loves their metal and the crowd totally went off on the night!”