The Retrobates

The Retrobates
Punk/New Wave/Indie

The Retrobates – Maximum fuss, zero efficiency

Regular guys with normal jobs by day, regular guys at home watching reruns of the Antiques Roadshow by night.  But once in a while, almost werewolf like, these five regular guys become rock and roll monsters.

The Retrobates rehearsals may be few and far between and consist of 80% beer drinking and 20% actual practice but what is created is a glorious collection of brutally butchered classic songs – a bit like a greatest hits of the last thirty years being played by five bulls jamming in a china shop.

Nothing is spared as classics by The kinks, The Cure and even the Strokes are put to the sword. No mercy is shown to the Swingers, The Hives or the White Stripes either. All are executed with maximum fuss and zero efficiency, all in the name of a good time. And a good time it is too. For a show that makes no claims to be comedy it sure will make you laugh, although some music purists may shed a tear too. You’ll leave the show smiling, maybe a little confused, and with a renewed respect for the original versions of the songs.

The Retrobates don’t play live often (if they did there would be legislation passed to stop them) so make sure you catch them, it’ll be the least sensible thing you do all year.