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3 Shots To The Head / Yumsing

3 Shots To The Head / Yumsing
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3 Shots To The Head / Yumsing


Named after an incident involving a chicken, Three Shots to the Head is a Hawkes Bay band with a loyal, almost cult-like, following. A classic four-piece comprising two guitars, bass and drums, these unlikely lads enjoy ripping out cover versions of songs you’d almost forgotten (or never even heard) and spicing things up with the occasional original. Since 2012, they have entertained crowds big and small at Mister D, Monica Loves, the Cabana, and even the Waimeha Camping Village at Ngawi, Cape Palliser.

END OF WINTER SHOW…… with 3 SHOTS TO THE HEAD AND YUMSING ….. Covers/ originals / Rock and Roll/ Ska and a lot of fun.