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Dive into the eclectic sounds of Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, a vibrant 6-piece pop rock ensemble hailing from the musical hub of Wellington, New Zealand. With a fusion of infectious melodies, dynamic rhythms, and a kaleidoscope of sonic textures, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo delivers a musical experience that’s as refreshing as it is irresistible.

Their live performances are nothing short of captivating, described as “always a fun watch” with “catchy melodies” and “a beat you can’t help but tap your toes to.” Having recently graced the stage at Newtown Festival in March 2024, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo has exciting dates lined up in Wellington and Hawkes Bay later in 2024. Whether on big stages with fully electric sets or in more intimate venues with softer acoustic shows, the band’s versatility and stage presence never fail to leave an impression.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo’s journey began in the Antipodean winter of 2023 when former Melbournian singer-songwriter Scott Roy (aka Scott Pilgrim) gathered ten of his musician friends to play a selection of songs from his back catalogue. The success of the show “Scott Pilgrim Versus the Modern Pop” led six of the ten to form Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. While Scott’s songwriting laid the foundation, the band now boasts five different singer-songwriters, each bringing their own voices and styles to the mix. The result is a joyful sound influenced by alt-synth-pop, rock, and acoustic music while steering clear of folk, dream pop, and jazz.

Meet the talented individuals behind Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo:

  • Scott Roy: vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass, keys, ukulele
  • Mo Blishen: vocals, guitar
  • Darrel Greaney: vocals, guitar, bass
  • Dan Hearn: drums
  • Hayden Overton: vocals, synth, guitar, bass
  • Lis Whyte: vocals, guitar, banjo, ukulele, percussion

With their camaraderie, bonhomie, and infectious humour evident both on and off stage, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo is more than just a band – they’re a close-knit musical family that truly enjoys creating and performing together.

Stay tuned for their upcoming shows in Wellington and Hawkes Bay, where Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo will continue to enchant audiences with their eclectic blend of pop rock goodness. And as they work on new material to add to their repertoire of quirky, happy city pop/rock songs, the excitement for what’s next is palpable.

Join the journey and experience the magic of Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo for yourself!