Butter Wouldn’t Melt

/ Feb

Butter Wouldn’t Melt


Butter Wouldn’t Melt

Nick Burfield and Andrea Reid


Butter Wouldn’t Melt will melt your heart with soulful stories, faraway fables, and not so sappy love songs. Nick Burfield and Andrea Reid have been busy this year writing material for their first album, which will be released this summer.


This album features songs about New Zealand History, including ‘Eve of 31’, written about the Napier earthquake. They’re proud to commemorate the anniversary of the earthquake by bringing this song back to where it all happened on that February morning.


Their performance promises to be a unique blend of their Americana and Traditional folk influences. Butter Wouldn’t Melt will butter you up and leave you wanting more.


One Last Lullaby is their debut single out now! From the album 1931 – which will be out January 15th 2022.