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/ Mar


$30 / $35

Hot Potato’s are back. These guys have to be seen to believed. Absolutely  amazing with not a guitar in sight.

Hot Potato Band has seen an unprecedented evolution. Beginning their journey as street performers, the 10 piece band from Sydney, Australia have been twice around the literal and figurative block. Like a muscle, the now largely known festival favourites have exercised their musicianship and showmanship, and for years leaving lasting impressions on audiences of all ages and demographics.

They are incredibly proud of their all acoustic line up. An energetic amalgamation of catchy music, lyrics, infectious dance moves, interaction and the breaking down of barriers between stage and audience is what sets Hot Potato Band apart. Although difficult to describe their genre, HPB continues to compile their arsenal of songs inspired by Pop, Funk, Ska and Reggae, binding them by the classic instrumentation of New Orleans brass bands.


The bands unique sound is built on the backs of three drummers and a sousaphone, along with an array of horns covering catchy chorus lines and providing a beautiful harmonic cloud for Ben (vocalist) to float above. They are a band never to shy from a good time.