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Majik Pixie Juice ..Album release.

Majik Pixie Juice ..Album release.
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Majik Pixie Juice ..Album release.


Majik Pixie Juice ..Mollymawk Album release. With Bluebirds of Happiness, GOD and Spooky Skeletons.

MPJ is a collective, an idea , a dream, a concept, a band that we started 20 years ago in the
gloaming of a bright winters afternoon high up on a hill above Gisborne. My brother, my nephew
and I . My nephew was 11 he is 33 now. 2 albums, 9 videos, gigs in Sydney, Melbourne Auckland
and Napier, here we are. The dream lives on. Someone asked what genre are we – bad rock ,
simple as that. But there is comedy there too, as well as chaos and experimentation. I’ve never
been one to sit back and watch the world go by, I like to invent, dabble and mess around with
every day conventions. I’ve been a writer, a rigger, a pilot, a lecturer , a farmer and a musician but
mostly I am lucky to have ended up with three of the greatest Gisborne musicians of their
generation. We make videos, short films and such, concept based and something akin to
performance art. They’re on the inter web but no one ever watches them . Mainly we exists to
perform. Our first album was called Tootle after a thing my father once said to me. ‘ people in
automobiles in Hong Kong like to gently tootle about’. He was old school. Our second album, the
one we have just released is called Mollymawk after the great Southern Albatross. That’s where I
think we are heading creatively. Out to sea. There is no rhyme or reason to our songs we just
make them up as they come to us , about people, places and time. I’ve always felt blessed and
this tour is the culmination of all our shared experiences, all the bands, all the venues , all the gigs,
all the people, all the recording. Here we are standing back where we first started with a t shirt ,
some vinyl, some posters , and our whanau to remember us by.