The RVMES: Lifetime tour.

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The RVMES: Lifetime tour.


One of Auckland’s most eclectic bands on the scene, The RVMES, are coming back to the beautiful shores of Napier once again. The Cabana is locked and loaded for their third stop of the tour and performing their new album ‘Lifetime’

Taking every genre into consideration, The RVMES have based the essence of their band on the interesting and eclectic since the moment of their genesis two and a half years ago. Already having countless shows under their belt, these boys have firmly claimed this changing variety of sound as their own.

Brace yourself for an energetic journey of everything from Soul Blues through to spicy Middle Eastern European melodies like you’ve never heard before


Opening the evening for The RVMES is special guest Camila Lenhart from Tauranga. A soulful solo act with a magically smooth skill for creating guitar and violin soundscapes with a gorgeous voice soaring on top – the perfect way to begin an evening!