Cabana Gear

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The Cabana has the following gear: 

Big Stage

Soundcraft GB8 32 channel mixer

DBX graphic EQ on FOH and monitor sends

1 x CD player

1 x dbx driverack260 Loudspeaker processor

24 CH multi-core

1 x Lexicon MPX-1 multi-fx

1 x Yamaha REV500 reverb

1 x DOD dual compressor/gate

3 x DB FlexsysFM12 Powered Monitors

2 x Samson 12’ Powered Monitors.

1 x DB SUB808D Active Sub

2 x Dbl 15 Bi amped B & C loaded Live Sound Cab’s

4 x Double 15 SUBS with 15inc Definmax Drivers.

2 x QSC GX7 1000w FOH amps

2 x QSC GX3 425x FOH

5 x Shure SM58

1 x Shure SM57

3 x Senn E606

2 x Senn 840

3 x Samson     active DI

1 x Shure PG drum mic kit with clips


Small Stage:

2 x Fender 15”

12 Channel Yamaha 500 watt Powered Mixer with effects.

2 x Samson 12’ Powered Monitors.

1 x John Broadwood and Sons Upright Piano

Big Stage Microphones

Big Stage

10 x RGBW LED stage lights

2 x Dance Floor Fx Lights

1 x Mirror Ball

1 x Hazer

2 x 48 Channel Scene Setter Manual Control Board.


Stage Dimensions:
4.5m deep x 5.5m wide
Large drum riser included


Green Room:
Small Area @ side of stage for performers, includes toilet and basin.



Back Line Hire:
If you need to hire back line gear, contact The Music Machine on (06) 835 5183 or
Extra Production Hire:
Any extra production can be sourced from Mike Schupbach at performers cost (this includes DJ equipment.) Email:
Visit for a list of local acts for support!