Venue will provide promotion through NZME Radio and Radio Bay FM. Also social Media.

Venue requires 5 double passes as give-aways/promotion. The Cabana will print these 5 Tickets.

Send promo material to for mail-out and website.


Send your press / bio / photos

Napier Mail                    Andre Chumko   06 8355553
Hawke’s Bay Today      Linda Hall         06 8730800

             “                              Alice   Lock                          
Napier Courier             
John Ireland  06 8343246

The Cabana advertises through the Radio Network and Radio Bay FM every week.
The following stations will support acts by playing music and interviewing acts leading up to the gig.
Radio Bay FM Rex 068704488
Radio Kidnappers Ken 06 878 8710

Please insure The Cabana has several posters well in advance for its window.